I made 1000 pictures to the Roman Coloseum 📷

I made 1000 pictures to the Roman Coloseum

The Colosseum: photographed day and night

The Roman Colosseum is undoubtedly one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, and it is one of the things I wanted to know the most about the Italian capital.

I remember walking in Rome towards the Colosseum, and suddenly see it … time seems to stop and suddenly goose bumps cover all your body. In an instant, thousand images come to mind that transport you to the times of the Coliseum’s greatest boom, imagining the gladiators in there and the amphitheater full of people.

Maybe it was the reason why I couldn’t stop taking photos and more photos?!. I went to Rome in February and being winter several days were cloudy and rainy, but it seemed not to matter, I wanted to capture in images what I was feeling at that time. So I took photographs of the Colosseum from all angles, inside, outside, at night, during the day, raining, sunnysome photos of the Roman coliseum to print, and well, others not so much

And here they go, these are the images of the Roman Colosseum

Coliseo Romano Pictures

So? what do you think? Do you like it? Don’t you feel like going to visit the Colosseum right now ?!

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